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2800/3500 / Day

  • Manual/Auto Gear
  • 07 seats
  • 2 Air Bags
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Innova Crysta

Innova Crysta on Rent in Goa

selfdrivecaringoa is one of the leading online cab booking platform in Goa which offer riders a stop solution to book cabs of their choice for their Intercity as well as Local travel needs.

selfdrivecaringoa aims to leverage technology as a platform to squeeze the gap between Riders and Cab Partners to book and accept their travel bookings. One can easily book the cab of their choice in just 30 seconds and that too with affordable prices. Having a strong pipeline of verified cabs and drivers in 15 cities covering nearly every district of Goa; selfdrivecaringoa strives to provide the car of your choice Anytime & Anywhere.

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Innova Crysta Rent in Goa

Without a car, it will be difficult for you to see and enjoy this beautiful island. Its magnificent beaches and the enjoyment there, the cities and their lifestyle offerings, the churches, temples, fields and amazing countryside await your pleasure.

You can only see and enjoy all of this while in your self drive Innova on rent in Goa. Don’t let the rental cost of these cars deter you. Put it down to the added comfort and the fact that it allows your entire family to be with you on your holiday.

How to Hire a Innova Car in Goa?

There are many car rental companies that give out cars with chauffeurs and self-driven cars. You can choose to go with the latter.

There are many car rental companies that give out cars with chauffeurs and self-driven cars. You can choose to go with the latter.

So, if you’re a group of six members, an Innova would be a great idea. Why not get an Innova car hire in Goa for the days you are there and enjoy awesome Goa?

What it Will Cost You

If you choose to take an Innova car hire in Goa, you can get one at Rs. 2800 per day. On the other hand, be prepared to fork out Rs. 3500 per day to rent a Toyota Innova Crysta in Goa.

So, you see the difference between these two models isn’t much–barely Rs. 200. Whichever of the two you choose, once you take it for the day, make the best use of it. Drive all over town, enjoy the sights and smells and come home refreshed for an exotic Goan meal. Some nights by the sea, and others in the silence of Goa’s twinkling nights.

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The better your car is, the more fun you have–at least while you explore Goa. So, why not splurge on a comfortable, spacious and luxury car that’s ideal for the whole family?

Book Innova Crysta self drive today and experience Goa like never before.

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Terms & Conditions:


The vehicle should be returned before 10 a.m. on the returning day.

*Note: We DO NOT follow the 24 hrs system for our service.

Security :

1 original Photo ID proof will be retained by us for security purpose.
4 Wheeler License is compulsory.
Damage and charges:

It is advised that all the customers record a video of the vehicle before taking it in their custody.
This is a proof of the state the car is in.The customer will be charged for any accidental damage as per the showroom inspection.